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11 january 2017, 07:52

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IP telephony is becoming increasingly common in our modern life. However, a clear idea of what it is only a few. We offer you to get acquainted with this phenomenon closer. If in General that VoIP is a technology uses IP as the primary means of voice transmission. To denote this phenomenon is also used the acronym VoIP which stands for Voice over IP, i.e. voice over Internet Protocol IP. For signal transmission from phone to telephone requires a special device - IP gateways. This is the device through which the stream of data from one network type to another network type. IP gateways or as they are called IP servers on the one hand are connected to phone lines and can connect with any phone in the world and the other - with the Internet due to which unable to contact anyone connected to the Internet computer. The telephone signal being digitized is compressed by the gateway is broken into packets and sends the IP network to destination using TCP IP. Then the signal passes through another gateway where it is converted again into the telephone. IP telephony also allows you to establish a connection diagrams computer phone and computer-to-computer. In this case, the user needs a computer with Internet access a microphone and headphones. One of the main advantages of IP-telephony is the lower cost of communication. The distance between the caller in any way the cost is not affected. Especially the difference in international negotiations. With IP telephony, they are cheaper in tens times. The second advantage the connection quality does not depend on distance. It depends from the channel load. This is just one of the major disadvantages of VoIP. The Internet was not originally designed for voice transmission. If the network is loaded to a possible delay of packets in voice traffic and can even occur their loss. All this reduces the quality of the conversation. The solution to the problem of communication channels but it is more expensive. Undoubtedly the advantage of using VoIP on a corporate level. This technology could become an alternative to the office PBX. Implementation of IP infrastructure enabling the simultaneous transmission of voice data and video greatly enhances the efficiency of business processes and reduces the overall cost of maintenance of communication infrastructure. The first Russian company providing voice services using the IP Protocol appeared in the end of the last century. Today there are over 400 licensed participants. Basically it is a company offering IP services to card basis. The annual turnover of IP services in Russia

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