VOIP and GSM gateways

11 january 2017, 07:51

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Give me a call Gateway GoIP-1 support SIP H323 protocols and is fully compatible with all IP PBX well-known manufacturers. Main features low cost excellent sound quality and extensive functionality. GoIP4 mobile, easily configurable and cost-effective solution for making any calls. GoIP 8 will become an indispensable device for those who want to combine a cellular network the most common network standards and IP-telephony. Eight 3GGSM gateway. Compatible with 3G operator Tele2 Moscow. 128 GoIP SIM-Bank Sim-server solution that provides full control over all the SIM cards. GSM Goip gateway GS-1 FXS port effectively combines into a single system analog line GSM network and VoIP. A high quality entry level is designed for one SIM card. GSM VoIP gateway GoIP 1i 1 port with built-in antenna is designed to operate GSM services in IP networks. The device is ideal for wireless VoIP communication where a telephone line is not available or ТфОПPSTN for roaming... VoIP-GSM gateway for calls from GSM network to VoIP and Vice versa. Model with an additional FXS port GoIP 32 SIM-Bank Sim-server solution that provides full control over all the SIM cards. Modern communication technology develops by leaps and bounds. Yesterday there was no alternative phones today and so many different telephone networks it is impossible for all to follow. Actually develops not only telephony but also high technology. Not necessarily to follow all the fares and promotional offers to your firm could save on communications. Enough to buy a GSM gateway and install in the office. GSM gateway is a special device allowing to transform traffic from fixed telephony networks directly in a cellular network. The use of this technology significantly reduces the cost of mobile communications. A gateway of this type looks like a normal mobile phone with SIM card. However, there are significant differences Today, however, calls to mobile phones do not only fixed networks but also from the Internet. VoIP-GSM gateway is a device designed specifically to provide the live broadcast of the telephone signal from the IP networking in mobile and back. This technology is the result of combining principles of GSM-gateway and modern office systems VoIP telephony. These devices can be of two types Many large companies have already successfully implemented such technology in offices. The price of GSM gateway rather low. Budget model Nekval GoIP 4 for channel 4 connection will cost about 17 thousand rubles and 16-channel Nekval GSM gateway goip 16 will cost about 61 thousand rubles. Before you buy GSM gateway, remember

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