The 300-thousandth article about Internet gateway

11 january 2017, 07:51

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obj.document.write --gt Vvodnaya understand that there are similar instructions on the Internet the whole sea. But it was my turn to look for information on this issue, and anyway a lot of time killed on a quest. In principle, in this post, I will try not to duplicate information but the maximum will put links that helped manacles my Saga with the call of a friend But you can check for viruses web traffic the whole office And the questioner wanted this function was assigned to any three-SOHO router which native firmware was replaced with some alternative. I had to disappoint him because those boxes for which the actual and expected my friend with such a task is hardly able to cope because of their hiloti. From inexpensive by the standards of the prices for such hardware solutions have been found gateways series NetDefend company D-Link. This price however was comparable to the price of an inexpensive new office computer the system unit without a monitor and manipulators. In the end, friend said it is expensive and subsequently disappeared from the horizon altogether and I decided to look for information on how to do this with a normal computer using Linux as the OS and open-source software to accomplish the task. As you read everything that was offered Google loomed even much more interesting prospects than the original task. In the end, I was born this collection of quotes which You are now reading.The process of this task can be divided into several stages. Finish cut to the chase and turn to первому1. Just the gateway is Just the gateway we need to ensure that all users of office or assume other home computers could easily connect to it and access the Internet. By the way, this the first part of the notes will be very useful for those who are looking for the answer to questions like How to share Internet under Linux th, and the like.So I had a computer running Linux Ubuntu 9.04. The computer was just class the budget office. And this challenge may even BU computer listings which abound in any local newspaper. The main difference is it has two network cards. The first network card is called eth0, and through it the computer was connected to the Internet. Question Internet connection here will not be considered. The only thing that will take note of is the Board address eth0, and the gateway address is connected to The second network adapter it was called eth1 I planned to connect users of the office. And to make this connection for users as simple as possible.

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The 300-thousandth article about Internet gateway

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