Sign a contract for a year and receive a complimentary IPad Air.

11 january 2017, 07:52

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Sign a contract for a year and receive a complimentary IPad Air. I want Maintenance of computers to organizations in the city of Kyzyl. Coming programmers Our services Our programmers will restore and establish the work of your computers Efficiently and expensive to develop a web portal for your organization. Service promotion and advancement of sites. Design and build computer network or digital video surveillance system. Office equipment printers PBX. On you understand human language will tell about computers. Our company in numbers 6 years on the market More than 30 well-known Russian and international partner companies More than 240 pieces of computer equipment maintenance More than 20 clients More than 30 services More than 40 sites created during this time True to 13.06.2015 Our case studies The Company sells wholesale and retail baguette cardboard for paspartu as well as equipment for frame shops. There is a Central office and 20 branch offices and retail outlets in Russia which are United in one network. Periodically the Internet disappears in the branches. The company cannot accept payment from customers with credit cards. The system administrator often pulled closed to these problems but the customer and profit loss. What you want to Make fault tolerant encrypted access to the Internet in remote locations so that the company didn't lose money and customers could buy what they want. Made had to purchase about 20 PCs of Cisco routers at the cost of 17 000 rubles each or Zyxel 12 000 rubles each. Our specialist suggested an innovative solution. For a month he has developed a similar device on the router TP-Link value of 1 000 RUB. and implemented it. The result of Internet in remote locations is always there because if you disable one provider is automatically connected backup channel. Configured data encryption. The company stopped losing money. Savings on the equipment ranged from 220 000 to 320 000. Situation 10 computers in the office of fragmented Wi-Fi and local network there is no password on the Internet router rental remote terminal server for 1C and documents with paying 17 000 rubles per month. What is required to properly Configure the network to install a backup system to supply the passwords to collect your own server to save on payment for remote. What's done is Created and configured terminal server. The lifted domain. Configured Active Directory. All computers are connected in a network. Configured encryption Wi-Fi. Configured automatic archiving. A map of the network. The results of the Unified management of all computers from the server. Easy entry of new users if required. The network is secure and configured for optimal interaction. Commissioned a private server

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