Settings for the experienced Low speed when using the router.

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This section is for those who connects to the Internet through L2TP VPN. In your city available Web-authorization. Make sure in the upper left corner of the page include the name of your city and use the instructions in the Web authorization. IP address routes the default gateway Default Gateway domain name server DNS your computer or router receives via DHCP.For access to the Internet by using a VPN connection via L2TP without IPsec or PPTP protocols. We recommend you to use the L2TP connection. For the correct operation of the VPN connection, make sure that your security software does not block ports used for establishing the VPN session. Maximum Transmission Unit MTU. For VPN connections Maximum Receive Unit MRU - 1500 Maximum Segment Size MSS.For VPN connections If you are using a router you have reduced the speed of Internet access but when connecting the cable directly to the PC corresponds to the selected rate should take into account the following limitations. Low speed may be due to hardware or software limitations of the router and it will result in insufficient speed of processing information during its transfer device from the provider home computer. One of the main ways of solving the problem is to update the firmware of the router. Tested in our network of firmware versions supported for Beeline models can be found when you open the card of the router at At you can see a list of recommended Beeline router models support high-speed rates. Not recommended or outdated models are mostly not able to provide the speed of more than 30 Mbits. As is well known in wireless networks as the medium of propagation uses radio waves. In this regard, the work of wireless networks affects a larger number of various kinds of interference. If the computer connected by cable to the router the speed corresponds to the selected tariff or a restriction of the router when Wi-Fi devices speed lower than expected review the information below. On the packaging manufacturers of the routers indicate the maximum speed for Wi-Fi local network at the physical layer IEEE summing the incoming and outgoing speed. Actual download speed of data transmission in a wireless network depends on many factors Problem at work via Wi-Fi network can create It is recommended to test the speed of Wi-Fi close to the router, and with minimal impact to other devices. 1 2 3 Often if you reinstall the operating system users do not produce specifically install drivers for the wifi adapter they are either installed automatically by the operating system or by using the driver pack.

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