Secure Internet gateway: is it possible import substitution?

11 january 2017, 07:51

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If you are interested in news on our website you can subscribe and receive the weekly top news. Most secure Internet gateways in Russia are imported from abroad. Basically it is the decision of U.S. companies Cisco, Intel Security, Websense, Palo Alto Networks and others. In the context of political instability this creates certain problems particularly for public companies and those who came under the influence of sanctions and cannot use Western equipment. Therefore, many information security professionals think about transition at least partially to the Russian counterparts. 1. Introduction 2. Russian Internet gateway 3. The pros and cons of Russian protected Internet gateway It is impossible to be connected to the Internet and stay free from the Internet. Today, all the major tasks of protection from aggressive activities in the global network makes a network gateway, without it can not do any one company. However, a simple protection in the form of a router with the functions of firewalling in most cases also insufficient. In modern conditions there is a need for gateways new generation who don't simply block potentially dangerous requests according to certain rules but also capable of for traffic to find signs of malicious activity. Practically, this means that today the means of protecting the corporate network should also have the functions of intrusion detection that is at least the IDS module but also other instruments of protection gateway antivirus, spam filter and other components. It is desirable that all protective functions are centrally managed from a single console. Unfortunately most of these gateways is now imported from abroad. Basically it is the decision of U.S. companies including Cisco, Intel Security, Websense, Palo Alto Networks, etc. This poses a problem, particularly for public companies and those who, for one reason or another cannot use Western equipment. Realizing the necessity of finding alternatives to many information security professionals now think about the transition at least partly on the Russian counterparts. The risk at the crucial moment to lose protection just because of the unfavorable political situation for obvious reasons does not add to the desire to buy products of listed manufacturers. Foreign decisions there are other problems In light of the above, many working in Russia, organizations are starting to examine more closely the domestic producers are protected gateways. Today we drew attention to the Russian company a-real Consulting which offers Russian users its

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