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Do joining mm to 20 Joining type - Inner Temperature range - 25÷65 Material - Brass Maximum pressure bar - 10. Radio controlled electronic thermostat TH-1149RF with a built-in sensor for temperature. LCD display without backlight. Powered by 2 alkaline batteries 15 V. AA. A variable hysteresis 04 - 10 ºC. Button on-off. Together with the wireless actuator plug-socket. The group manifold for Underfloor heating. The panel is made of high quality stainless steel AISI 304L which corresponds to the high hygienic requirements of reliability and durability. Set the supply flow 0-6 Lmin help you to quickly and visually balance the flow of coolant circuits. Inline on the return line thermostatic valves allow you to adjust the level of heat of the floor in accordance with the needs of the user. Standard equipment includes only the manual adjustment of the heat transfer of the floor for automatic operation of the group is required to purchase additional thermostatic actuators and sensors. The kit includes limit valves and brackets.The connection is 1 inch female thread. Taps supply and return manifold G ¾ male thread. Operating temperature 5 to 70°C. Maximum working pressure up to 6 bar. Thermostat SALUS iT 500 is a modern high-tech product company SALUS allows you to control the climate in Your home from anywhere in the world using Internet-connected stationary computer laptop or mobile device on Android or iOS. Electronic wireless programmable thermostat independently powered touch screen with a remote control via the Internet from any device. Programming 6 periods a day every day 5+2 or 7 days freeze protection complete with 2 radio-controlled relay device and a gateway for connecting to the Internet. Set iT 500 Electronic wireless programmable thermostat independently powered, LCD display. Programming 5+2 or 7 days preset programs free load voltage adjustable hysteresis anti-freeze protection indication of battery charge. The white colour housing. Pipe size 16x2 mm. Coil length 160 m. p. Security group boiler KSG - 3 bar. in heat insulation. Main News About us Article Installation of boilers Other projects Payment Shipping Warranty Contacts Site map This information resource is not a public offer. The availability and cost of goods given over the phone. Manufacturers reserve the right to change specifications and appearance of products without prior notice. © 2017

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