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Gateway to eng. gateway a hardware router or software for interfacing to computer networks using different protocols-for example, local and global. A network gateway converts the protocols of the same type of physical environment in different physical protocols of the network environment. For example when connecting a local computer to the Internet is typically used by network gateway. Router he router is one example of hardware gateways. Network gateways are running on all known operating systems. The main task of the gateway to convert the Protocol between the networks. The router itself takes holds and sends only packets between networks using the same protocols. The network gateway may on the one hand to accept a packet formatted for one Protocol like Apple Talk and convert into a packet of a different Protocol such as TCPIP before sending it to another network segment. Network gateways can be hardware-based solution software or both together, but usually this software is installed on the router or computer. The network gateway must understand the protocols used by the router. Usually gateways are slower than bridges, network switches, and conventional routers. Network gateway is a network point that serves as a gateway to another network. The Internet node or endpoint can be either the network gateway or host. Internet users and the computers that deliver the web pages to the users it hosts and the nodes between different networks is a network gateways. For example, the server controls the data traffic between the local network and the Internet is a network gateway. In large networks, a server functioning as a gateway is usually integrated with a proxy server and firewall. This gateway is often combined with a router which manages the allocation and conversion of the network packet. The network gateway may be a special hardware router or software installed on a regular server or a personal computer. Most computer operating systems use the terms described above. Computers running Windows usually use a built-in wizard network connectivity which of these parameters establishes a connection to a local or global network. Such systems can also use the DHCP Protocol. Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol DHCP is a Protocol which is typically used by network equipment to obtain various data necessary for the client to work with the IP Protocol. Using this Protocol, the addition of new devices and networks becomes simple and almost automatic. NIC Network interface card Repeater Hub Repeater Hub Bridge

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