MCV_Vera3_RU, Internet gateway Vera 3 with a Web interface and built-in Internet router

11 january 2017, 07:52

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Our shop offers the goods with the actual retail prices from equipment suppliers. Price 11500 RUB You can order this item by phone +7 495 988-75-93 Payment cash to the courier or Bank transfer Delivery in Moscow within 1-2 days 400r. Find out about the delivery to the regions and area Appointment КонтроллерVeraLiteсоздан for users who already have a wifi router and want to manage your home while maintaining your budget.VeraLiteобладает all возможностямиVera3и perfect for users of small and medium-sized networks. New elegant design VeraLite and built-in power supply 4 AA batteries makes setup incredibly fast and easy for any user. Also какVera3VeraLiteпоставляется with a new user interface UI5 Key features No monthly fee - secure, remote access via Web or mobile phone through the service Guaranteed compatibility with all Z-Wave devices - including controllers, scenes, and sensors of different types. Thus you can get all the benefits and advantages of all that the world offers Z-Wave not only adaptors for power sockets and thermostats.A simple setup wizard 1-2-3 - a simple three-step setup makes it easy for any user.The advanced settings tab - Vera is extensible to also appeal to enthusiasts and advanced users the features of which can be seen only on high-end systems such as intracranially remote control integration with systems of monitoring and protection possibility to connect numerous Z-Wave networks work with INSTEON X10 and other platforms.MiOS Application Marketplace - Growing APP store apps, with many third-party apps that extend your capabilities and livelihoods such as weather control media integration with the security panel remote live video broadcasting and more. And it's growing all the time.For local control is not required broadband connection -VeraLiteможет to set up and configure your network and control all your devices without an Internet connection.Basic functions Supports multiple plug and play IP cameras.Supports control of UPnP devices.Works with energy meters such as Aeon to provide real-time and long-term monitoring of electricity.Supports connection to a variety of systems over IP for the Vera scale installations or multiple locations within single installation, for example a main house pool guest.Support connecting Z-Wave and INSTEON networks over IP.Supports control of many serial devices with a USB Port gtSerial.Supports Scenes which allow you to trigger the sequence of events by pressing the button or

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