Lan2net NAT Firewall - NAT

11 january 2017, 07:51

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About | news | Contacts | feedback All the possibilities Training video роликgt Buy it from the manufacturer To the Become a partner Usually to connect the local network to the Internet through the Internet gateway uses one or more external IP addresses and the LAN computers are assigned internal IP addresses. There are several reasons for this connection method To connect the local network to the Internet, there are several ways. The most popular being the use as the Internet gateway proxy server and a NAT server. A Proxy server operates at the application layer and the NAT driver - at the level of the Protocol stack TCPIP. The main cons of using proxy servers is the need to configure each client application incompatibility of some apps work through a proxy server such as the banking program of the game is very low capacity and high consumption of system resource Internet server. The use of NAT provides transparency to applications - they do not need to configure NAT to work in almost all protocols and applications. Because NAT is a low level network driver its performance is compared to proxy servers several times higher. Sootvetstvenno higher speed Internet server. Unlike many other software solutions using the built-in Windows driver NAT Lan2net NAT Firewall advanced NAT driver of its own development. To build local networks is necessary to use specially defined in RFC 1918 private group of IP addresses Sometimes the ranges of these IP addresses are also called private or gray IP addresses. External real addresses have the name of white IP addresses. Thus computers in the local network can be assigned IP addresses from specified ranges. However, direct Internet access from such networks impossible. To connect the local network is sufficient to have a single node with access to the Internet has a unique white IP address. The node called the Internet gateway or Internet server. The Internet gateway must have at least two network adapters. One of which provides access to the Internet. This external adapter has a white IP address. Internal adapters can be rated as white and gray IP-address. When passing the network packet to an Internet server from the internal adapter to an external and back is NAT. This mechanism provides transparent access to Internet for the nodes with the gray IP addresses. In addition all connections after a gateway look as if they were installed with a single white IP-addresses. This ensures concealment

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