Internet gateway Ideco ICS (Ideco Internet Control Server) is a software solution which allows

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Internet gateway Ideco ICS Ideco Internet Control Server is a software solution which allows you to access the Internet absolutely manageable safe and reliable. The protection of network against external threats prioritization of Internet traffic and its limit powerful content filter built-in mail server with full web interface and backup system that is not a complete list of features and services Ideco ICS. Internet gateway Ideco ICS is created on the Linux operating system and combines more than 30 components and services that allow you quickly and comfortably to solve practically any tasks of managing traffic from routing to encryption and load balancing. Using Ideco ICS a large part of the routine processes of network administration is much faster and the overall level of security control and visibility of the network infrastructure increases many times. Management of all processes and components of the solution is performed through a convenient and intuitive web interface. Opportunities Ideco ICS Advantages Ideco ICS Internet gateway Ideco ICS is built on the Linux kernel. Powerful content filter. Ideco ICS first Russian solution with integrated protection against accidental leaks of confidential data. Built into Ideco ICS module DLP scans outgoing traffic and blocks the transmission of secure documents via email and web protocols recognizing documents with the help of digital prints. Opportunity overview Access control Protection and security firewall Firewall Traffic Remote connection virtual private network VPN Intelligent QoS Intelligent traffic prioritization on the speed and type of reserving bandwidth for important applications ability to prioritize manually. Even distribution of bandwidth between users and between applications. Connection to the providers of backup channels Integrated Internet services Mail server with antivirus and spam filtering. Ideco ICS includes set up and configured mail server. Inbox is created automatically when you add a user. Flexible options multigolovki and forwarding. The ability to send mail using Security with visual verification by a person. Multi-site Internet web server Advantages Easy installation configuration and maintenance The economic effect Use cases Safe and controlled provision of Internet access to all employees of the organization. Personal access to the Internet from any computer. The organization of places of public Internet access. Protect internal servers from attacks from the Internet. Access to these servers, create a shared and private servers

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