Internet Control server includes all the possible services and the modern enterprise for R

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Internet Control server includes all the possible services and the modern enterprise in the local network and the Internet. As additional advantages of the Internet Control Server has There are different version of the Internet-gateway X that allows you to choose the X which suits Your setits Standard This is a fully functional edition of the program. X included in the Unified register of the Russian programs for electronic computers and databases, dannybex Lite Free, fully functional version of the program. Suitable for small businesses and home usage with number of users greater than 8.X FSTEC FSTEC version of ICS is designed to protect personal data and confidential information. X included in the Unified register of the Russian programs for electronic computers and databases.Content filter X A versatile content filter is entirely consistent with the laws No. 436 and No. 136 and allowing to protect children from information harmful to their health and development.IKS Small Business This edition is intended for businesses in the network from 9 to 100 users who do not need the full functionality. Has a relatively low price - 480 rubles for the user.X + Dr. Web This edition includes additional protection - anti-virus. Web for Internet gateways. Built-in Internet Control Server anti-virus solution Dr. Web security for traffic passing through proxy server and mail gateway program.X + Kaspersky Anti-Virus This edition includes additional protection - Kaspersky Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam that provides comprehensive network protection through continuous monitoring of all types of network traffic from the post to HTTP. It is tightly integrated into a single platform set of open source solutions apache, squid, etc. and a common database that stores information settings traffic users with service applications, that is, all aspects of the work of the ligaments of corporate Internet. X represents the router a PC with a built-in HTTP proxy server and email server SMTP. ICS not only carries out routing of IP packets and their count taking into account the IP addresses and ports of a sender and a recipient. Simultaneously, to get the full statistics of X data uses the built-in proxy server Squid and mail server Postfix. Proxy server in addition to the tasks of the cache bandwidth is used in X to account for traffic consumption by users precision to a URL and control their access rights. The SMTP server manages mail flow and allows to obtain accurate data for mail exchange for each user. To manage user rights, and securing the network at the IP level is used

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