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Telecommunication company TEL is a licensed Internet service provider and offers you to take advantage of the organization of high-speed Internet access via dedicated channel. The core of TEL is a private digital data network GigabitEthernet based on radial-ring structure and covering almost all areas of Moscow and Moscow region.View the network map. High speed gateways in Russian and international segments provide the perfect quality and high speed of access and the availability of peering agreements with major providers are creating the best routes to the Internet for all our customers. The main nodes of the network TEL are located on independent platforms and the largest traffic exchange points ММТС9 RTI im. Mintz and others. The total capacity of external Internet channels TEL is more than 10 Kbitsec. The core of the data network are backbone routers, the Cisco Systems 7600 series ECI Telecom ST50. Telecommunication company TEL is the operator of several private data centers provide hosting services to many popular Internet resources. Therefore, clients TEL get access to these resources remaining in the network TEL. Connection via a dedicated channel involves the provision of client-access network with the allocation of a permanent IP address or optionally a separate subnet of IP addresses. Dedicated channels can be arranged at speeds from 64 to 1 Kbitsec Kbitsec. Engineers TEL you can configure the local network and offer a reliable solution for its protection in the framework of IT outsourcing. Connect to Internet services from TEL on a dedicated channel has the following advantages To connect to Internet services from TEL on a dedicated channel in the following ways Connection fees and monthly payments depend on the method of connection of traffic volume and other parameters. We are ready to offer you the best conditions For more information on terms please contact the sales Department and customer service or by phone +7 495 787-4200. Structured cable system Structured cable systems for free Special offer for developers The Department for work with corporate clients Phone 495 787-4200 Fax 495 787-4201 Email Technical support Phone 495 787-4207 24 hours Email Office in Korolev Phone 498 719-0000 Email © Telecommunication company TEL 20082017. All rights

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