Edition Headings Regions Next year, SSA will upgrade its network using the

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Edition Headings Regions Next year, SSA will upgrade its network with the help of IMS. The company plans to equip the apartment of two million of its subscribers with special terminals for the provision of telephony services of broadband access to the Internet and digital television spending $50-90 million. At the moment the subscriber base of MGTS 669% of the voting shares are owned by Comstar-UTS is about 5 million numbers. 42% of which about 2 million are serviced by analogue exchanges. As stated by the President of Comstar Sergei Pridantsev the company will not digitize the remaining analog PBX. To solve the problem with them modernizing it going with the help of IMS which will be introduced in 2009. Each subscriber which still caters to an analog PBX will be offered free of charge to install a home gateway connected to the telephone outlet. With its help subscriber default available telephony services, Internet and digital TV. Modernization of IMS technology will enable the company to increase its subscriber base in the mass segment of broadband access to the Internet said Mr. Pridantsev. Capital costs for upgrades at IMS in Comstar did not disclose qualifies this by adding that the average cost of a subscription gateway is $30-50. According to statistics noted in the company, on average, installation of gateways in their homes refuses 10-15% of subscribers thus the costs of Comstar equipment can be $50-90 million to Complete the project plan by the end of 2011. The target program of modernization of the MGTS network was approved by the resolution of the government of Moscow in December 2003 and suggested the replacement of analog equipment to digital. Subscribers upgraded ATS can accept and send SMS to use the conferencing DTMF dialing and other services. At the end of 2008, digital PBX will be served 58% of subscribers of MGTS. In the first half of the year, according to iKS-Consulting Comstar-UTS served 35% of the 23 million subscribers in Moscow AKADO-Stolitsa 21% of Corbina Telecom 19% NetByNet 6% Qwerty 4% to about 15% of in-house networks. Experts say that with the help of IMS costs of Comstar connection of subscribers to the service access to the Internet will be less than the competition. So AKADO-Stolitsa report that their costs of connection of one apartment to the Internet, subject to the availability of fiber optic cable installed where is located this apartment is $60-65 depending on the complexity of installation. And Executive Vice President of VimpelCom owns 100% of Golden Telecom which owns Corbina Jean Pierre vandromm not so long ago said that in the construction of their FTTB network connection one house costs about $3

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