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11 january 2017, 07:51

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0. Task Recently faced with the task to distribute the Internet to the LAN. And not just to distribute but also to establish operational control and user management as well as to check incoming traffic for viruses. Task number two was to raise the file server as well with antivirus to disable sharing folders and all the files are transferable only through this server. In the beginning it was decided to put on one computer with two network cards and Ubuntu using IPTables to redirect traffic to proxy server and Squid for convenient control fasten it to the web interface SAMS. However, after a long gugleniya and conversations with friends the decision was changed and as the distribution was chosen ClarkConnect 4.3. Its advantages lie in the fact that it already has everything you need to set the server WEB FTP Mail proxy server access, file server, etc for small and medium organizations. 1. Installation Download Clarkconnect Community here. The system is distributed as an iso image to create the installation disk. While the disc is being written will check the selected computer minimum system requirements CPU 500Mhz 512RAM HDD 1Gb. To begin installation, boot from the created CD. The installation continues in text mode in the form of a dialogue and, in General, very similar to RedHat Linux. Is Russian among the languages in which you will receive Russified installation of the console and a little web interfacemode only Current status. The highlights of the operating mode of Standalone Isolated server or Gateway Gateway, and breakdown of the disc and then select services. When using the Gateway mode, you must use at least two network adapters. This mode provides total Internet access control for inbound and outbound connections. If you split the disks should be carefully considered in the automatic mode all information on them will be destroyed. Possible manual mode with Disk Druid. The choice of services depends on what functions you want to assign to the server. After copying files and restarting, you can locally log in as root, using the prompt to enter a password. Here you can configure network interfaces and change the server role StandaloneGateway. Also there is a traffic analyzer, and of course the console. To configure the server provides a web-interface. It is available by default only on the internal interface if there is a need of input from the external interface in the Firewall will need to open Incoming port 81. To login type in your browser's address bar httpsip address of your сервера81. When you first login use the username root with the password specified during installation and later it is recommended to create a profile with administrator rights and use them. 2.Initial configuration After

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