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11 january 2017, 07:51

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Blog for it people at all levels To tell you the truth this story I didn't want to write in principle. Similar to do nothing more than perversion in the broad sense of the word. However, sometimes you have to do Internet gateway based on a regular client version of Windows. Generally, for these purposes, allocate a simple machine on which is poured the server version of nix implementations, there may be several to choose from admin in order to again raise the gateway and all. Due to the fact that all in nix systems governed by scripts and config files like the server becomes almost reliable. In addition this solution is easy to deploy the same squid for the shaping of the Internet and banning certain sites, etc. Thanks to the console mind but honestly sometimes I put a simple X server to technology. at least a little doing what I want them to advanced users are unlikely to climb back to where che is with screen. Some letters on the screen which eliminates the factor of climbing no where to go. In addition, the main source of bugs of all times and peoples was and remains the graphics subsystem. Without it, strange errors just will not occur. However, the variant of the same Linux a little satisfied with small Desk where the fleet is not more than 10 pieces. Often administer this Park is taken to be either the leader or one of the advanced employees. In the end, about server axis they are at best only heard of. Nonetheless, in such cases, they still want some semblance of netserver in my office. The advantages of this solution are obvious you can use the usual Windows in the event of additional functions to cover up her opensorce by programs such as DHCP server brandyware intuitive graphic interface Kerio, etc. If it's a really small office that such a decision has the right to life as Windows server buy stupid and pointless and free krasnoglazov of Linux users still not as much as I would like. If you are reading this article then your first step towards the creation of an Internet gateway on Windows will be just an organization of Internet distribution in a local network. For this you will need two network cards one to the Internet another actually for distribution. It is natural that they should stand driver. Now you need to decide what card to play their role and stick to them patchcord. Here everything is quite simple. Now you need to configure Windows. I recommend to use Windows XP as the most simple and relatively reliable axis for this purpose. Just using the same Windows 7 sometimes there are problems forking computers from the network neighborhood which are no use to us. You will need to configure a special

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